What We Do

We do Owners association for projects in Dubai. If any project has more than one homeowner, then such project is required to form an owners association as per the Dubai real estate law. (Article 18 of Law Number 27 of 2007)


Our service for the Owner association includes multiple categories, as mentioned below. 



We aim to provide the best value for your asset by customizing budgets as per the community requirements for short and long term benefits. It is the most crucial element in establishing service charges that need experienced foresight.


Audit Approval

RERA's official auditor scrutinizes the budgets and assigns approvals based on the framework provided by the owners' association company for community operations & services.


Mollak Approval

RERA's online portal provides an in-depth analysis of each community's service charge budget approval. Mollak contributes budget assessment, financial calculations, and service provider assignments to invoicing of individual units.



Community rules and regulations form an integral part of the residents. Exemplary practices bestow value addition to a community apart from disciplinary ethics.



Financial cash flow is paramount for all communities for uninterrupted services and planned renovations. We have tactically exceeded our collection percentage above the industry standard of 82% in all our communities, making us cash efficient and proactive in managing the community



The core strength gives us the edge in providing better services through ethical tendering, community beneficial service contracts, detailed picture centric reports for online reporting, automation of calendar events on mobile phones, quarterly reports of progress, and cash flow.