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Service Charges 


1 General Fund 

The General Fund Service Charge covers expenditure required for the daily running and general maintenance of the common area in your building. This includes all repairs and maintenance to the building, plant, equipment, electrical, plumbing and lifts. It also includes but not limited to cleaning, building security, insurance, auditor’s fee, management fees, utility costs and other miscellaneous expenses. 


2 Reserve Fund 

The Building Reserve Fund will be used to meet planned long-term major maintenance of capital expenditure requirements of your building or replacement. This includes but not limited to repair/ replacement of all common areas facilities including painting, roof repair, lift and foyer refurbishment, replacement of all plant, equipment and general utilities, as they become required. The contributions towards the Reserve Fund are put towards forecasted future expenditure. 


3 Master Community Service Charge for Dubai Land

The Master Community service charge is collected by Dubai Land Residence Complex (DLRC) for the Management and Maintenance of Dubai Land Master Community areas. It includes community security services, waste management, external cleaning and area pest control, management and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, pathways and crossings and other facilities. 

4 Chiller Charges

Chiller charges include chiller maintenance, consumption of gas & materials, parts & replacements, utility consumption, plant maintenance, machinery & panel maintenance, compressor & parts, additional warranties & inspections, reports, backup of equipments and other miscellaneous related to chiller operations. 


Detailed Services Covered under the Service Charge as approved by RERA index.

  • Security Guard round the clock 24x7 (Common Area->C.A.)

  • Insurance Coverage for the entire building plus Alternate Accommodation Insurance 

  • Cleaning Services for the building (C.A. only)

  • Maintenance of elevators and replacement parts

  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) for Building Systems & Engineer visits for PPM

  • MEP for inside units (No parts covered)

  • Water Tank Cleaning

  • DEWA Charges for Electricity & Water (C.A. only)

  • Air Condition Services and Gas Refill (Unit and C.A.)

  • Maintenance of Fire Fighting equipments

  • Civil Defense Direct Alarm 24x7 (Subscription and Monitoring)

  • Garbage Disposal

  • Building repairs and paintings

  • Gate Barrier & Access

  • Cameras & Equipments

  • Pest Control for common areas

  • Interlock work/maintenance

  • Building Association Establishment and RERA/Legal Fees/Auditor

  • Courier and Communication

  • Nakheel Master Community Charges

  • Water proofing and maintenance of basement

  • Generator and Dewa equipments maintenance

  • General Building Maintenance

  • Maintenance of Sewage Treatment

  • Maintenance of common area landscaping

  • Maintenance and management of Gym, Steam, Sauna and Swimming Pools and/ or water features

  • Statutory inspections and compliance requirements

  • Periodic upgrades and/or replacements of non-capital equipment and consumables

  • Monitoring and Supervision

  • Maintenance of Generator

  • Maintenance of Central Gas System 

  • Chiller operations

  • Chiller maintenance & parts

  • Chiller utility 

  • Other miscellaneous expenses.  

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