Ajmal Sarah 

Parking Terms & Conditions

By parking your vehicle in the Ajmal Sarah Tower premises, you unconditionally agree to the following terms & conditions.

  • You are the owner of the vehicle being parked or authorized by the vehicle’s owner to accept these conditions.

  • Parking is at your own risk and Fabson Import Export Limited or its Affiliate accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any theft, damage or loss to your vehicle or its contents whilst the vehicle is parked in the building car park. 

  • You agree to park the vehicle without causing any damage to other cars parked or damage to the property, incase found guilty you will be liable to pay the compensation for the damages.

  • Do not to store any materials, hazards, flammable, illegal substance in the parked car or around the premises.

  • Do not to throw any garbage or waste in the parking lot or keep unwanted items in the parking premises.

  • You may be asked to park outside the building if you do not meet the parking guidelines as specified above.

  • If you lose the parking card/tag you will immediately inform us on ast@sheffieldms.com or by informing the Security so we can stop the access for the lost card/tag. A replacement will be provided at a cost of AED 150 per code. Accidental damage will also be charged a replacement fee. 

  • Any vehicle parked illegally will be subject to towed and fine of AED 2000 per day plus towing charges.

  • Any vehicle parked wrongly which may interfere other parking bay or common areas or parking ramp or other service areas will be subject to fines of AED 100 per hour till the vehicle is not cleared from the unauthorized area. 

  • Management decision and verdict on parking disputes will be final and binding. 

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